Saturday, July 7, 2007

Day 1- Sat 7th July 2007 11.24pm

Welcome to the first day of my enforced 7 weeks off work.
I've never been the blogging type but I figured I had alot of up coming spare time on my hands and my typing skills seemed up to speed ;)

I'm not kicking back just yet, had to work today 8am-1pm and again Mon, Tues, Wed, but at least it was with Spyro... he's always good for a laugh. Also had some time to polish the foil off the army men bowl that i made a few weeks ago.

Your probably wondering who the hell is ruby?
OK OK the secrets out... on Thursday night I bought a new bright red Samsonite hard case (suitcase) spent more than I should have but hey it's a life time investment!

So I find myself kicking back in bed watching soppy movies, and music clips on RAGE wondering what the hell this time off will have in stall for me.

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