Thursday, July 26, 2007

Grandparents day

Spent today visiting my paternal grandparents. Now that Pa is in a home it felt very strange to visit Ma in their house with just her! Altho things were less awkward than expected. My Uncle Merv was there and we all went grocery shopping together, then to visit Pa.
The home he is in is very modern, well furnished and doesn't smell like old people!!!!! It was nice to see him in a place that looks so welcoming. They do alot of activities and keep the old fogies amused. I wasn't sure what state Pa would be in as I knew he had slipped down hill alot since I saw him last ( around Christmas 2006). I'd had various reports from mum and dad as to his "with it" factor. Saying that It was a pleasant surprise for him to recognise me when I turned up to visit, altho he was a bit confused as to who Chloe was, thinking she was my daughter instead of my brother Luke's. He seemed happy to chat away, but I wasn't so sure what he was on about alot of the time. Thankfully he seems happy enough there, and my grandmother has realised that this has been the better decision than keeping him at home and struggling to cope.
Over afternoon tea back at her house we discussed the changes she's had to adjust to, such a stubborn old gal, hopefully in time she will be able to relax and have a bit more time for herself.

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