Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dufus V2

Just when I thought it was over.... I manage to do something stupid AGAIN!
My parents are here for a few days and I give my mum a key to the house, no big deal right?
So I drive off to work and go about my usual day. It isn't until I finish work and walk to my car that I realise my car key has somehow fallen off the set of keys in my jacket pocket WTF!!!?

So here I have in my hand is the immobiliser and work keys etc, how the fuck can a big plastic car key just vanish? waled up and down the street 4 times looking for my key on the road to no avail, not in anything at work either ... I'm stumped as to where it could be?

Either way I have to deal with it all tomorrow :( right now I just need some decent sleep!

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