Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Destination Melboune...

Finally hit Melbourne, a lovely sunny 6 deg Celsius!

Thought I'd try out some of those pressure point arm bands for travel sickness... all I can say is don't bother :( even with taking aspirin I felt like I was about to heave up in the doggie bag! So lucky I didn't! Somehow I don't think the woman next to me would have been too impressed!!!
That aside and the crappy weather, Melbourne by night is quiet spectacular. 2 years ago since I was at the Spencer Street Station which had now transformed into quiet a beautiful urban industrial transport hub ( in a very Jeffry Smart kinda way). If only it were as efficient as it looked! Generally Travel here is a breeze, my flight left on time, and spent less than 15 Min's waiting for a sky bus to get to the city station. Every things well marked and easy to navigate thank god! Even met a nice little old granny from Denny to chat to while I waited. It seemed the bus driver was in no hurry to leave, departure was 15Min's after our scheduled time ... need not have stressed out about cutting my flight/ bus times so fine after all!

On the bus now, shitty music on the radio, but alas I have Scarlett loaded with some good stuff for the trip :) Bloody Brilliant! I booked my bus asking if it went to the airport... and I'm told NO.... so why the f&@# am I currently on a bus that's just pulled up at the FREAKING airport that I've just spent $15 coming from!!!!!!!!! .... and here I was praising Victorian transport systems ... I'm taking that all back! Oh and only thanks to the little old granny did I find out there is NO long meal breaks on this bus service! lucky there's a cafe @ the bus station.
Gezuz is this the biggest rant I've had on here so far or what ?

8.05PM EST
What is it about country hospitality? apparently this bus was NOT stopping ... alas we did! mind u not nearly enough time to relieve ones self and drink a steaming cup of hot chocolate oh well I'm sure the rubbish bin appreciated my over priced scorching offering! It would also seem I'm a conversation magnet for the "country folk" the Nana as i mentioned earlier, now some young shearer who seems to have taken great joy in telling me that he needs to finish his ciggy. Apparently I'm a good person to sit next to, god only knows how this will pan out! Typing away at this entry and the young guy takes great joy in informing me the price of a fox ... dead of course, fetches $20 ... or $7 for the tail. Why does this make me feel like the out of town journo amongst the hicks and red necks... have I really changed that much in 5 years ???

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