Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wed 18th

wed 18th

Finally a proper sleep in :D nice to stay at the "rents" without mum having early drop offs of screaming runties! Granny's cottage for day care has finally paid off. Lazy afternoon talking to dad and helping mum with her one child for the day. Late arvo doctors apt for dad, so the 4 of us had a bit of a road trip to Elmore. Not so great news for dad, a possible 2nd heart bypass to deal with a new blockage.

On top of that his farther who's been suffering dementia for the past few years has finally been offered a place in a nursing home, so my uncle Merv has helped to do the big move today. Can't really imagine how my grandmother must be feeling about it all... she's the stubborn type, but I can only hope she will see that it's for his benefit AND hers.
A bit lighter note ... saw a few wild ducks on the side of the railway across from my parents, took Jack to feed them some bread and take a few photos but I think they were a bit people shy and kept walking away from us.

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