Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Honey I'm Hoooome

Finally made it back to A -town all in one piece! 
Mind you the entries here have been a bit light on as I managed to drop the laptop and snap the power lead!!!!! yeah smart move I know (NOT) .... you've no idea how Internet deprivation takes hold on the unsuspecting. While in Melbourne I had enough to do with Mikey, but now I'm home things are berryyy berryyy quuuuiet!  Thank goodness Dell has a super fast support team :) 

So I took some really cool photos around Melbourne with Mikey as my sexay model ;) ... will post on here as soon as I get things up and running again. ( right now I'm hijacking Marty's Mac) 

Also went for an interview for a temping agency today to get some work for the rest of my time off. Nice to do nothing but not so nice not having the $$$$ 

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