Friday, August 3, 2007

thank god it's friday

The woman I temped for yesterday had the personality of a dead fish!!!! remind me not to work at that place again! Today thank god was much MUCH better... my 1st time nursing for a periodontist got to assist for implant surgery ... may not sound much to u guys but i found it exciting, as I only usually get to see the crowns going on! 

Still no laptop cable, apparently it was delivered on Thurs morning but I wasn't here to get it ! GRRRR so now I have to go to the AIRPORT!!!!!!!!!!!! to collect it and of course business hours are 8am-6pm WTF am I going to get there if I'm working those hours ? talk about make life difficult for a girl!

Meanwhile feeling much better after Thursdays effort  that place was 110% nasty!!!! Thank Marty to put a smile on my face tonight... he decided to change his car battery, so we pushed his car off the grass and into the carport so he could see what he was doing!... got the old battery out, only to discover the new one was far too wide for the space it had to go in DOH...  anyone else would think to check what size/ type of battery would fit , but apparently in Marty world one size fits all! 

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